NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Penny Newman


With Health Education East of England, Penny has co-designed and led health coaching training for clinicians. Trained clinicians can enable people to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to become more active participants in their care, reach self-identified goals and adopt healthier behaviours. Health coaching is a person-centred process and widely applicable to all long-term conditions, covering prevention, decision making, self-management and medication adherence.

Progress made through the NIA

During the NIA, Penny has focused on building a social movement of clinicians and staff across the NHS, working together to:

  • Co-design compelling materials to reframe the vision and narrative with support from a wide range of experts
  • Develop an implementation toolkit in collaboration with 18 organisations
  • Create an online community to support practitioners


Penny secured resources to roll out health coaching across the east of England and nationally. At least 3,200 clinicians are now trained or booked to receive health coaching training, including 60 additional health coaching trainers. The number trained has quadrupled in 2015/16 from 2014/15.

A national launch of the new health coaching tools will take place in autumn 2016 with the support of the Innovation Agency (formerly, North West Coast AHSN), Yorkshire and Humber AHSN, Eastern AHSN and Health Education East of England.


Health Coaching has enabled myself and my son to find ways of managing his relentless treatment regime, without the negative baggage which comes with ‘telling,’ someone what to do. Health Coaching isn’t a luxury or an extravagance. It’s the only option for positive, humane health and care relationships.”  

Useful contact

Twitter: @pennynewm