NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Anna Moore


i-Thrive is transforming the way mental health services are organised for children and adolescents. The model incorporates a new way of delivering support services alongside shared decision making – so that children and young people have much greater control over their care, which is integrated along the pathway from prevention through to complex treatment. i-Thrive has been shown to reduce waiting times and improve the experience of care – by accurately assessing young people the first time they ask for help, and delivering the care that they need more quickly.

Progress made through the NIA

During the NIA, Anna has included a focus on:

  • Aligning the i-Thrive model with the requirement for all CCGs to develop Transformation Plans for mental health services
  • NIA i-Thrive 20%Recruiting ‘accelerator sites’ to form an i-thrive Community of Practice, where sites work together to adapt and implement i-thrive within local contexts
  • Setting up an i-Thrive academy to build capacity for new ways of working
  • Securing significant funding to support scaling of the model


Anna is now working with 40 NHS organisations and has developed a community of practice covering approximately 20 percent of England’s young people. She has established an i-Thrive academy in London, which provides training for clinicians in shared decision making and developed an i-Thrive implementation toolkit. Anna has successfully secured more than £1m to support the spread of i-Thrive.


‘’There is now a welcome recognition of the need to make dramatic improvements in mental health services. Nowhere is that more necessary than in support for children, young people and their families. Need is rising and investment and services haven’t kept up.’’

Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England (Speaking at Future Minds, March 2015)

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