NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Piers Kotting


Dementia affects about 850,000 people in the UK, with a cost of £26 billion per annum. 60,000 deaths a year are directly attributable to dementia. The only way to beat the condition is through research.

Join Dementia Research (JDR) allows people to easily register their interest of participating in research via an online form and matches them to appropriate studies. Once matched, individuals and researchers are able to discuss participation in studies.

Progress made through the NIANIA JDR 19138

During the NIA, Piers has included a focus on:

  • Raising public awareness via a range of channels including national media and NHS Choices
  • Expanding the community of patient, clinical and academic advocates
  • Enrolling people through NHS services including memory clinics and GP practices
  • Developing an implementation plan with NHS England’s dementia programme team to achieve the Prime Minister’s challenge of dementia 2020
  • Achieving interoperability with electronic health records


Since joining the NIA, there are now 19,138 people signed up, up from 7,282 a year ago – a 163% increase. The number of people enrolled in studies through JDR is now 5,364, up from 1,346, a 299% increase. 132 NHS trusts have ordered promotional materials compared to 56 before the NIA.


“One of the reasons I wanted to get involved in the research was the fact that it was quite debilitating, frightening when Ron was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and if I can help in anyway, it might not help us, but it might help the next generation. And as ex-teachers, we would like to help the future.”

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