NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Simon Bourne


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) is the second most common cause of hospital admissions in the country costing the NHS over £800m in direct healthcare costs. Studies show that 90% of people with COPD are unable to take their medication correctly.

myCOPD is an integrated online education, self-management, symptom reporting and pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) system to help people with COPD manage their condition more effectively. The platform has shown to correct 98% of inhaler errors without any other clinical intervention. Healthcare professionals are provided with a dashboard to allow them to plan, monitor and manage patients remotely.

Progress made through the NIA

During the NIA, Simon has included a focus on:

  • Refining myCOPD, along with a multi-morbidity platform to include diabetes and asthma
  • Building the evidence base through a large randomised control trial and health economic case
  • Developing website and marketing materials, contacting hundreds of people in over 100 clinical commissioning groups and attending key conferences
  • Building national and international partnerships to support distribution


Three CCGs have now implemented myCOPD covering a population of 32,000. Simon has demonstrated that the PR feature of myCOPD is cheaper and delivers better patient outcomes than traditional face-to-face PR classes. myCOPD has demonstrated a reduction in acute admissions for severe patients saving the average CCG £370,000 per year.

Patient testimonial

Last year, before using myCOPD, I had 12 exacerbations. This year I have had just two. I now know when and how to take my medication, when to use my rescue pack and perform my rehab exercises most days.”

Useful contact

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Twitter: @myCOPDteam