NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow: Peter Hames


Sleepio is a digital sleep improvement programme (available via web and mobile), clinically proven to help overcome even long-term poor sleep. Over a number of weekly sessions, users are taught proven cognitive and behavioural techniques by a virtual sleep expert to help them get their schedule, thoughts and lifestyle on track.

Progress made through the NIA

During the NIA, Peter has tested multiple routes to increase access including:

  • Direct marketing to the public: Sleepio has featured in multiple media outlets, and is available for purchase via Boots.com
  • Sleepio is offered as an alternative to traditional therapies via Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT)
  • Peter has engaged with CCGs and Community Pharmacists about potential opportunities to offer Sleepio as an alternative to sleeping pills
  • As part of a new pilot, Sleepio will be offered to NHS employees in 2016/17
  • One local authority is exploring the potential to include Sleepio within their population suicide prevention programme


Sleepio is now available to patients accessing several IAPT services in the North West of England. Routine data shows that Sleepio is exceeding national targets for recovery – 68% of anxiety and depression patients using Sleepio move to recovery, versus a national average across IAPT interventions of 45%. Multiple global employers are now offering Sleepio as a benefit, and the team has published evidence that it improves both sleep and productivity.

Patient testimonial

“I’ve had quite bad sleeping problems for a number of years, and not much I have tried in the past has helped – the Sleepio course has really helped me out – I can’t recommend it highly enough. [It’s] a very well thought out and structured, practical programme which has helped me deal with something that has plagued my life for years – which has been pretty tough at times.”

Useful contact

Visit the website for more information

Twitter: @Sleepio